KOPAN is an independent food-embassy located in the center of Copenhagen. From our restaurant and food truck, we introduce you to the Korean cuisine and culture through a simple menu of classical dishes, drinks and desserts.

We believe the easiest way to people’s hearts and minds is through the stomach. And so, we founded KOPAN as a gastronomic platform for cultural exchange between Danes and Koreans (and everyone else) – based on a shared passion for honest food.

Let’s call it a simple dream of bottom-up food-diplomacy! In the end, food is the most universal language of mankind – bringing people together like nothing else.


In 2013, we kickstarted our journey of food diplomacy when opening Denmark first Korea street-food business. Back then, KOPAN was just Bruce and his cargo-bike – touring around Copenhagen with his different types of Korean stuffed pancakes – known as ‘Hotteok’.


In 2015, we replaced the bike with a small food-truck and got a permanent spot at Torvehallerne food hall market. From here, we continued our mission to bring Korea a little closer to Denmark (and opposite) – getting to know the Copenhageners and their lifestyle better and better.


In 2017, we decided to upgrade our facilities just a little. In Linnésgade 24, just across the street from Torvehallerne, we feel in love with a small location and decided to open KOPAN RICE. From our new and cozy restaurant, we are now able to present the Korean cuisine and food culture in a much broader style.


In 2018, we upgraded the street-food truck yet again to expand our menu and cater to a still growing demand for our authentic Korean street food. See our menu here!

When plates are empty, taste buds are pleased and hunger has passed, we hope you’ve come a little closer to the land of the morning calm ­– and that you will come back for more.


We are a dynamic team of (rather) young South Koreans who’ve ended up in little Denmark for many various reasons. Some of us are here on temporarily working-holidays to experience the Nordic lifestyle and work-life balance – while others have already settled for good and taken roots in Copenhagen. For us, KOPAN is the perfect opportunity to bring bits and pieces from Korea to Denmark and from Denmark to Korea – bridging our two countries slowly but steady.